Women’s Day – marketing gimmick?

50% off on all services offered for celebrating Women’s Day – flashed a message from the nearby beauty salon.

A popular coffee joint offers 40% off for its women customers for celebrating Women’s Day.

E-commerce websites, Beauty Salons, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Shopping Malls – you name it and they have a Women’s Day offer for you.Social Media is filled with memes on how strong and beautiful women are. How a woman deals with all her problems without affecting her loved ones. There was this one particular meme which really put me off! It said woman is great as she is the one who gives birth to a MAN. What were they even thinking?

History of Women’s Day

Is this really what Women’s Day is all about? If you go a little back in history, Women’s Day was first recognized in the developed nations to promote for equal rights including voting rights for women.

Blind faith in Social Media

What really upsets me is the manner in which we blindly follow everything that is on social media. Recently,while the country was facing cross-border terrorism, almost everyone had an opinion about everything happening around. Without thinking twice, people wanted to wage a war. Without understanding all the developments, some people were praising our Prime Minister whereas others were praising the neighboring country’s. There was more talk about the moustache of the brave IAF pilot than his actual heroics. Seriously, is that all one could notice in the man who risked his life for his country?

Back to Women

But I digress. How many of us wished each other Happy Women’s Day without even thinking once what its about. Is it just about wearing make-up, dressing well, having fun time? While its good to have a fun time, we need to dig deeper and talk about real issues too. While we continue to grapple with grave issues like rape and female foeticide, we need to also look upon issues that women face everyday.

Balance for Better

This year’s theme for Women’s Day is Balance for Better. And again, without much thinking many people have assumed its about how women maintain a balance in their lives with family, household and careers. Has anyone ever asked a man how he maintains a work-life balance? The theme Balance for Better is actually aimed at driving gender balance across the world.If you really want to celebrate Women’s Day in its true sense you need to make sure our young boys and girls are equally empowered. Females should also be involved in financial decisions of the family and men should also be involved in household chores.

No Women’s Day

Men and Women together should run the show for the family and act as role models to their children. So that when a boy grows into a man he does not expect his wife to take up all responsibility of childcare and household. And when the girl grows up to be an independent woman, she does not rely on her husband for all her financial needs and important decisions. They both should contribute to each other’s growth.

The day no woman has to fight for her right to equality will truly be the Women’s Day. And from that day onwards, there will not be a need to have a Women’s Day !

Ritu Vyas

IT Professional with 10+ years of experience, blogger at heart. This website is my dream child where I combine both my passions. I feel there is a lot that still needs said and done for women in workplaces.

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