Why MNCs should employ females

If I were to give you 10 years salary today, would you quit your job ?

I asked this question to all my friends – male and female. And the responses I received were quite interesting and intriguing.

Now, before I divulge the details of the responses received, let me clarify that the sample size comprised of my contacts and hence does not necessarily take into account all sections of Indian society. But upon further investigation I came across The Case for Investing in Women a research study conducted by Anita Borg Institute that substantiated my findings. Although informal, my survey still reflects the mentality of Indian middle-class working in MNCs with an average age of 30 quite closely.

Astonishingly, about 66% of the men wanted to quit their present job. However, what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives differed. Most of them wanted to start their own business. Their employers currently reap the benefits of the hard work that they put into their jobs. They wanted to turn that into their own profit. But starting one’s own business is a big hassle and fairly calculated risk. Obviously the men did not want to put their family’s interests at stake and hence never took this risk. But when offered financial security for the family in terms of 10 years salary, they were ready to give life to their ideas and dreams.

Some men even wanted to invest the money to generate more money and spend the rest of their lives holidaying and enjoying with family and loved ones. They missed spending quality time with their near and dear ones due to the hectic working schedules. Some are even working at a place away from their hometown, giving them less opportunities to be with family.

Only the other 33% were actually enjoying their present nature of work and wanted to continue the same. Even among these, almost half of them wanted to keep the same nature of work but wanted to change their employer.

The findings were an eye-opener for me as I never imagined job satisfaction levels were so low among Indian men. This also left me wondering why this was so. Before we delve into it, we need to look at the other side of the story too.

As opposed to the men, when the exact same question was asked to Indian working females, the responses were almost reversed. A whopping 72% females wanted to continue working in the same job. Money was not the driving force for them at all. Most of them were working as it gave them a sense of achievement and an opportunity to channelize their abilities. The rest 27% too wanted to quit their current job but wanted to continue working nonetheless.

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This gave me an insight into the Indian mindset. For most of the males, they were the primary bread-earners of their family and were in their present job primarily for money. It is also important to note that almost all of the working wives in India have working husbands. For these females, the family financial responsibility is already taken care of by their partners. And hence, obviously money is not a very strong driving factor for women to work.

The reverse although is not true. A working husband may or may not have a working wife. I know money drives this world, but was it so important ? Apparently it is. In most of the cultures around the world, and more particularly in India the responsibility to earn for the household rests on the man’s shoulders. I don’t know of any man in my contacts who does not earn. But many of my female friends are non-earning. This explains why it is more likely for a man to jump to a different employer for higher salaries.

Whatever be the reason behind the responses, there is no denying the fact that job satisfaction level is very high among females. The attrition rate among women is really really low. Women bring a much better stability to the organization. This is the first and foremost reason that MNCs in India should definitely consider hiring more females.

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