New Year… New Hopes …. New realisations….New Goals…. and the undying spirit to achieve the Unexplored

We are in the first month of the year and most of us have come up with our resolutions for the New Year…… The internet is also teeming with memes and jokes on the New Year resolutions…. So is the ‘New Year Resolution’ A FUN thing or more than that……….

I feel we all need to have our goals or resolutions and definitely work towards it….

I read an article few days back and the words made a huge impact on me – “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change

Very simple words but very powerful…. These lines made me ponder… We complain about innumerable things in life… but can we do anything to change it.

The first important thing is Self-Realisation. Some questions which came to my mind were – Where do I want to see myself in 2019… What are my personal & professional goals?  What have I done to achieve it? Can I work towards it?

I realized I can change most of these.  I need to have the Self-Motivation and only then I can make a difference in my life….

So here are my professional goals for the New Year

  1. Learn a new Skill
  2. Do a certification course which will add value to my work experience
  3. Break free from your inhibitions & explore the unexplored ( I want to overcome my stage fright & start public speaking)
  4. Network & make myself and my work visible
  5. Read more books &
  6. Start writing ( snippets, blogs)

I believe I can do all the above, just need to push my limits… I want to see myself hone my skills and grow as an individual.

You never know what you are capable of unless you do it !!

So this New Year for me is of New Hopes …. New realisations….. New Goals…and the undying spirit to achieve the Unexplored.

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Tapati Dutta Deb

A Working Professional and a Mother To A 8 Year Old Boy...A Dreamer At Heart Who Believes In Never Giving Up... I Love Travelling & Cooking And I Am A Voracious Reader. I keep writing snippets from my everyday experiences

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  1. Ritu Vyas says:

    Doing a certification and networking has been on my mind too for quite some time now. This is a good list that most working mothers can identify with.

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