Good Manager Bad Manager – part 2

After the bitter experiences with my previous manager, I lost all my faith in the organization. After a few more similar incidents, I was highly demotivated. Now, I just wanted to somehow continue working. Even I did not know what was still driving me to be able to continue working.

To quit or not to quit

My son was now almost 3 years old but had not spoken a word till now. He had just barely started walking. I started searching for a daycare for him. But all my neighbours advised me against it. The lady who lived nearby took her own daughter out of the daycare. She happened to go to the daycare early one day and found her daughter drenched. The child often complained of didi slapping her. My son could not speak a word. How could I ever know what was going on in the daycare.

I really wanted to quit. But my family advised me not to. Both my mother and mother-in-law stood besides me as pillars of strength. They were ready to take care of my son. And encouraged me to go to office.

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The manager to be…

“I don’t know how long will I be able to continue to like this.” I said sipping the hot tea. “If I become your manager, rest assured I will do something for you. People like you should not quit, you are good at what you do.” said my colleague, my senior in the team. Soon, he was promoted as manager of our team.

And like a true gentleman, my manager kept his word. He helped me get the approval from client to be able to work from home. “I don’t care where you work from, I only need the work done.” he said. When the manager supports you, you work with double enthusiasm.

A good manager is defined by his team

Not just with me, the manager struck a chord with everyone in the team. He was the one who selected and recruited all of us. He was not just our manager. Even with our personal issues, we always looked upto him. He always guided and mentored all the team members. He built a strong sense of team spirit and camaraderie in the team. Whenever anyone was going through a low phase in life, the rest of the team stood solid in his or her support.

This, in no way means the manager went easy on the team. If I did not perform well, I had to listen for it too. The manager made sure the team had fun without losing focus on work. I cannot ever recall him belittling anyone in the team. In fact, he always appreciated the ones doing good work to keep them motivated and also motivate others to do better. I sometimes also had many differences and arguments with him regarding work. But they were healthy discussions and never taken personally.

Second time blues

When I learnt for the second time that I am going to be a mother, I was confused. My past experience said I should not reveal it so soon to my manager. But then better sense prevailed and I informed my manager and team. The response I got this time was overwhelming. “Take care of your health first. Let us know when you need something.” said my team members.

This time my health was not so good during the pregnancy. I had very low blood pressure right from start. Although there was no vomiting, I was highly anemic. Later it was diagnosed that I was losing a lot of blood due to kidney stones that had developed in my body. All these complications made it really difficult for me to focus on work.

My team, my support

But my team never complained. They always made sure to have a backup, in case my health did not allow me to work. When the ratings came, I always got what I deserved. When I worked well, I was rated well. If I was not able to focus on work, my ratings dropped. Nothing more, nothing less.There were well-defined parameters on which the team was rated, and absolute transparency was maintained.

Working in this team not only re-instated my faith in the organization, it revived my career. And most importantly, it revived my own zeal to work. If not for this manager and this team, I would have quit long ago. When a lady gives birth and takes care of her children, all she needs is a little support from everyone – not just from family members but also from her teammates.

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