Friend…A word which everyone cherish and want to cherish till end of life..

The moments you spend with your loved friends..missing them if they are not around…

Four to five years ago, I was wondering why I don’t have friends like others have….it doesn’t mean I don’t have friends. I do have very good friends. But the problem was I used to envy friends of some known persons. They are always there for them , I am sure some of you must have felt that …sometime. Situations like birthday celebration or important days in your life where you want your family as well as friends… then I started analyzing friendship..

I am sure some of you would have already done so or would agree to my analysis. I found out that we have different types of friends in our life. So here is the list:

a) Best friends : Earlier we used to say Best friends. Now it is also termed as BFFs. This category is very rare in today’s world:) . People who have this type of friends are blessed. Best friends will always be available for you whenever you want them. You can call them anyday, anytime. You will find them standing with you in all your thick and thins.

b) Best friend for time-being : I realized I have many good friends who I can consider as best friends,but it is for short period of time. Sometime you change location and distance plays a big role. Its like out of sight & out of mind. Initially you may be in touch but later on that relationship starts to dissolve. You may still have that person in best friend list but it may not be vice versa.

c) Friends : Now this is my favorite category .Why ? Because we have so many types of friends . People who don’t qualify for best friends category fall under this. So in short everybody is friend. But again there are levels of friendship. Sub category to friends. Let’s see what all I have captured.

Short term friends: Some people are friends for very short duration. They will always be in our heart but somehow now we cannot approach them.

Phone friends: This is very special to me at least , I have so many phone friends. Basically I can call them any time and discuss my problems. They shouldn’t be physically present but they will listen to you & give you suggestions. I am sure many of you will have so many phone friends in today’s world.

Chat friends: With the advent of Whatsapp and similar platform, chatting is favorite mode of communication . So most of the time you will find yourself chatting with some people. I am sure everybody will be in your contact list but there would be only some special one with whom you chat . Could be old college friend or new found friend sitting anywhere in world. In short you enjoy chatting with some people..

Office friends: Many of us will have office friends. People with whom you discuss all things relevant to your office and little personal things. I do consider them as my daily lunch friends. We may go for parties together , have fun but they are still not part of your inner circle of friends. Having said that exceptions are always there.

Gossip friends: I am sure this would be favorite category for many woman out there . You will have couple of friends in this category with whom you can do gossip on any topic, whenever you meet them.

Gym friends: This is specific to people who opt for gym for exercise. You will have couple of friends in this category with whom you work out . Spending sometime talking about your fitness goals, taking pics etc. Some of the gym friends may be just hi /hello or smile friends.

Group Friends: I am sure many of you would be part of some friend group . Like society group , Mom’s group , friends forever group etc etc . Analysis of this is really interesting. Look at the pictures it is so amazing to see so many people together. Anyone would wish to be part of the group so you can enjoy small small things. If you are in talking terms with some of them you will realize that what you see in pic is only for pictures. Nothing more than that. I mean to say that only few out of big group might be actually friends but most of the people are having problems on the ground with each other.

When I realized this , I started feeling better. So in today’s world most of the times what you see may not be the reality. People are visible together but actually they are not connected. And it is too easy to get fascinated by all the environment and believe that your friends or known are having lots of fun and you are missing them. But reality is little different.

This year Holi festival I have not celebrated as I used to but I went down with my daughter and clicked some pics with society friends.I spent only 15-20 min downstairs and went back home. But I posted my pics as status on whatsapp. You know what happened…? I got so many messages back that wow ..what a Holi… etc etc.. I was wondering I didn’t play and enjoy. So that was reality check , now a days we all are just believing on pics we see on social media. And most of us sometimes just click a picture in couple of minutes meeting and post them. Other friends starts thinking…wow…get together !!! That triggers thinking that why I couldn’t make it to party or why I have not been called for this get together etc etc.. and we start feeling lonely. We start thinking we don’t have friends. But each one of us have different types of friends in our life and we should be happy with them whenever we talk to them and should feel blessed to have them , at different stages in our life. I would just say …Chill and Enjoy…Don’t think much about friends and friendship! If at all you were thinking…

After I did analysis, it doesn’t matter much to me.. .who is with whom .. Am I missing some fun , gossip or talk etc as I am aware of boundaries and spaces of my friends…..

PS : This was all my experience and not related to anyone.. In case you wish to disagree .. its truly your wish..

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  1. Jaya says:

    True that…your analysis is the reality of today’s world
    Keep writing…

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