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Been so long

My last blog was on 8 March. Exactly four months ago. In these past four months, I woke up everyday thinking I will write a blog today. I had several topics for the blog in mind. A lot of words played their way out in my brain. And yet, the day never came and the blog did not materialize. A lack of determination on my end, definitely.

But what was it that was taking up all my time and energy all this while. A little while thinking about it, and I thought does it really come down to it ? Is there really a connection ?

The school connection

Come March, and all the parents especially mothers get busy with their children’s exams. Then after the exams there is a short break of around 10 days. These 10 days prepare the parents for the long summer vacations coming ahead. If one can maintain their sanity in these 10 days, it is safe to assume that they are ready to embrace the vacations coming ahead.

But not me, the non-school days start with and end with being a referee. A kindergartner and a toddler are enough to drive me crazy and to suck up all my energies. The entire day we are just settling which toy belongs to whom. Our eyes are always looking out for any mishaps that can be averted. Unless we lock ourselves in a room, we cannot concentrate on anything. Even then, the mind keeps wondering what the two atom bombs are upto. The odd times when they do play with each other we are just anticipating when the next fight will emerge. The only quiet time is afternoon nap time when both are fast asleep. Thats the only time the mother in me comes out and showers all my blessings and love on them.

Its Holiday Time !

With a wedding in close family, we excitedly traveled to the hometown. Although the weather was very hot, but with my two little ones constantly drinking water, thankfully there were no health issues. It only meant frequent visits to the washroom. The children enjoyed their time with the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Even after the wedding, there were trips to nearby places that all enjoyed with the family.

With just one day left for the schools to re-open we returned back home with lots of memories. And the heat wave continued and the vacations were extended for one more week. One more week !! Somehow I consoled myself and prepared to carry on for one more week. I still could not muster up the courage and the will to write a blog post.

Mixed Feelings

And today, after my son left for the school, the house was unusually quiet. My heart was missing him terribly. But there was someone who was missing him even more – his little sister. My daughter kept asking me “Bhaiyya kahan?” With no-one to fight with she was getting terribly bored.

But I was happy. The peaceful environment gave me the time and energy to put my thoughts down. But it was still not so clear to me. Was it really that my two children were stopping me from writing a blogpost ?

Cracked it finally !

When I thought about it deeper, it was much more beyond that. With my son going to school, I wake up early. After getting him ready , making his breakfast and dropping him to his van I start working on my office work. I am already up and raring to go by that time. I have my morning tea and breakfast on time. The rest of the day also follows in line. Because we need to wake up early again next day, we make sure to go to bed in time.

With his vacations going on, I was a little relaxed about the bedtime. Which often meant sleeping late, then getting up late, sometimes missing breakfast. Sometimes not savoring the cup of morning tea. My own routine went haywire. I didn’t feel energetic all the time. Travelling to different places and dealing with two children only added to the chaos in the routine.

Its all about self-discipline

I know some people who always want to have an unpredictable life. They do not want to follow a set pattern. They can sleep at odd times and are fresh when they wake up. But I am not that someone. Call me boring if you like but that’s me. I had very nicely fitted into my routine this time when I was all alone and could submerge myself deep into my thoughts and put them in writing. And this small piece of me and my “me time” was what I was missing all this while.

If I were a little more determined, I would have definitely made sure to write something every week – week after week, but that would be to maintain the blog stats. It is so important for a blogger to write regularly to sustain. But those words would not have flown directly from my heart to the blogpost. Now that the schools have started, hopefully my blogs will be more regular. A lot of pertinent topics in mind…

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